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Thunder Bay

No matter where you happen to live in Thunder Bay, Loan Express is your go-to solution for easy, short-term loans of up to $1500. From Marathon to Greenstone, if you need an emergency payday loan, you can get 24/7 approval within moments to get cash in your pocket when you need it the most.

The fact is, we don’t know when we’ll need some emergency cash. Maybe your car breaks down, or you have a sudden dental emergency between paychecks. A payday loan from Loan Express might be just what you need to make ends meet until your next paycheck and get out of a stressful situation.

*Payday loans are loans for up to 62 days. The fee for a loan varies depending on rates set by your Province, and the term of the loan depends on your pay schedule and applicable Provincial laws. The Maximum APR on a 62-day loan would be 147.18%, but may be lower, depending on the Province you live in.

Thunder Bay Loans Are Easy, Safe and Secure

Loan Express uses the latest security software to keep all of your personal information protected at all times. So if you fill out an online application, you can rest assured that your information is 100% safe and confidential. Loan Express is proudly Canadian and has been in business since 2005, with a track record that proves exactly why it’s the safest, most secure play to get a payday loan in Canada.

Who is Loan Express?

Loan Express has been proudly serving the majority of Canadian provinces, including Ontario, since 2005. Long-considered as one of the most trusted online lenders in the country, Loan Express gets you the cash you need to deal with any last-minute emergencies. Sometimes, between dental and veterinary bills, car repairs and taxes, you don’t have enough to get you to that next paycheck. When you’re stuck in a situation like this, Loan Express can help you out with no hidden fees or hassles.

Loan Express means money in your pocket in just a few minutes. So if you need cash right away, Loan Express is the place to call.

Why Choose Loans From Loan Express?

  • Our payday loans are 100% safe and secure
  • In business since 2005 with a proven track record
  • Don’t wait days for your money; Loan Express will deposit it right into your bank account in minutes!
  • Bad credit? No problem!
  • The latest security software protects your information
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Get approval in minutes
  • Fully certified with an in-person staff available to answer any questions you may have

Instant Loans Across Canada

Payday loans from Loan Express are available throughout Thunder Bay and in most provinces and territories throughout Canada. Even if you live in a remote region, an instant payday loan can be yours in minutes.

Payday Loans Requirements in Thunder Bay

Loan Express payday loans are available across Thunder Bay. To apply, you must:

We closely follow all laws in the Canadian Provinces we lend in. Select your province to view important disclaimer information specific to your province.

Can I Get A Payday Loan in Thunder Bay With Bad Credit?

Do you have bad credit? Don’t worry – even if your credit rating is poor, you can still qualify for a payday loan with Loan Express. Most people that apply are approved, even with low scores.

If you’re a resident of Thunder Bay, need some quick cash and have bad credit, you can still get a payday loan of up to $1500 from Loan Express.

At Loan Express, we don’t hold a bad credit score against you, and we know it doesn’t mean you can’t repay a loan. So, as a result, we don’t have a credit score requirement for our loan applicants

We’re a proud option for Thunder Bay residents who need a little financial help, so don’t let a poor credit score keep you from getting the money you need today!

How to Get Payday Loans in Thunder Bay

Loan Express makes applying for a payday loan in Thunder Bay easy!

Apply online with all of your relevant info, and you can have cash deposited into your account in minutes! Of course, if you need a bank transfer rather than an e-transfer, it takes a bit longer, but you’ll still get same-day service within hours.

Thunder Bay Overview

Thunder Bay is the most populated municipality in Northwestern Ontario and takes its name from the bay at the head of Lake Superior. It has over 108,000 residents, with medicine and research now the city’s most significant source of employment after years dominated by the forestry and manufacturing industries.

Events & Lifestyle in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is the home to the Terry Fox Monument and Fort William historical park. In addition, Thunder Bay has seen several excellent restaurants open in recent years, adding to its reputation as a prime destination for foodies. It’s also home to various clubs and bars in its waterfront area, known as Thunder Bay’s entertainment district.

Best Things About Living in Thunder Bay

One of the great things about living in Thunder Bay is that you have the advantages of a city, meaning excellent schools and health care, without the super high housing costs, meaning owning a home is a much more achievable goal in Thunder Bay. It’s also a prime destination for anyone with a love of outdoor sports, with skiing in the winter and kayaking and hiking in the summer.

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How Do Instant Loans Work

If you are considering an instant loan to solve your money troubles, it’s important to know what to expect. Unlike traditional bank loans, things are a lot more straightforward.
Instant loans are a convenient way to receive up to $1,500 exactly when you need it. For those who meet the requirements (listed above), the fast online application is open 24/7. Once you have received your approval – typically within ten minutes – you will be asked to sign a digital agreement and provide your email address so that the funds can be sent to you via e-Transfer. READ MORE
How long does
the process take?

At Loan Express, we pride ourselves on near-instant delivery of online payday loans. However, the exact length of the process depends on several factors. On The Odd Occasion, If The Automation doesn’t apply, We May Request Additional Screenshots Of Your Bank Statement and pre authorized debit form, But We Will Walk You Through That As Well.

How fast can I
receive my money?

Within one minute of signing your contract, the money will be in your bank account or your email. There is the odd smaller credit union or institution that does not have the technology to do instant etransfers, but we will still get the money to you the fastest way that your bank allows, which is usually a couple of hours.

Why Choose Loans From Loan Express?

Loan Express has proudly offered instant loans across Canada since 2005. Over 15 years of lending, we have helped thousands of Canadians get their finances back on track. When it comes to smart instant loans, Loan Express keeps things simple. Fill in your online application any place, any time, and you’ll receive an instant decision. READ MORE