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From Saskatoon to Moose Jaw, Loan Express Provides Easy, Short-Term Loans Across Saskatchewan.

Ever find yourself needing some quick cash? Welcome to the club! Virtually everyone, at some point, comes up a little short between paychecks. Last-minute emergencies that require a sudden infusion of funds come up often when you're an adult, and if you find yourself between paychecks without the money you need, Loan Express is here for you. You can get up to $1500 as an emergency payday loan from Loan Express, no matter where you are in Saskatchewan. From Saskatoon to Regina and Moose Jaw, Loan Express is the solution you need. Fill out a quick online application and get the money you need via e-transfer in as little as five minutes. So if your car breaks down, your beloved pet needs to see the vet, or if you need a little extra cash - Loan Express is the solution you need.

Saskatchewan Loans Are Easy, Safe and Secure

There's a reason people trust Loan Express. They've provided Canadians with the emergency payday loans they need for fifteen years, with state-of-the-art encryption software that keeps all your valuable personal information 100% secure. Loan Express guarantees confidentiality and security, and our customer service team is on hand to get you the money you need without delay. Our track record can't be beaten, as safety, reliability, and trustworthiness are our core values.

Canada's #1 Good or Bad Credit Loans Solution in Saskatchewan

What Is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans are short-term cash advances that allow you to get money in hand within minutes. They don't require collateral, and you won't have to spend hours in a bank trying to get the cash you need. All you need is some income and the ability to repay. If you can show proof of income, you're all set.

Who Is Loan Express?

Loan Express is one of Canada's top payday lenders, offering cash advances of up to $1500 for clients 24/7. You can get these loans wherever you are throughout much of Canada, and once you put in your application, you should get your money within minutes. Loan Express is considered one of the most trustworthy payday lenders in the business, with Trustpilot rating them 4.8/5 based on feedback from over 4000 customers. They're quick and reliable, plus they're committed to getting you the money you need without any extra hassles or headaches.

Why Choose Loans from Loan Express?

  • ✔ Our payday loans are safe and secure
  • ✔ We've been in business for over 15 years
  • ✔ Get your money in 5 minutes
  • ✔ Bad credit? No problem!
  • Apply online 24/7
  • ✔ Get approved in minutes
  • ✔ Fully certified and licensed with trained staff to help you

List of Cities in Saskatchewan You Can Get a Instant Loan

No matter where you are in the Saskatchewan, you can get an instant loan from us! Here are just a few of the top cities we service.

Payday Loan Requirements in Saskatchewan

  • ✔ Be 18 or older and a Canadian citizen.
  • ✔ Have an active bank account that's been open for at least 30 days
  • ✔ Receive Child Tax Benefit, CPP, Pension, Disability or Payroll that is on Direct Deposit.

Can I Get a Payday Loan in Saskatchewan with Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit that makes it hard to get loans, have no fear! Loan Express does not consider your credit history when granting emergency payday loans. We all know that your credit report may not paint the whole picture, and a poor credit score doesn't mean you cannot repay a payday loan. Thus, it's not a concern or a prerequisite when you apply for a Loan with Loan Express.

How to Apply for an Instant Payday Loan in Saskatchewan?

  1. Apply Online: Use our online application. It only takes minutes, and you can apply 24/7 anywhere in Saskatchewan.
  2. Receive your money: Your money should be sent via an e-transfer in five minutes. Loans approved before 11 am will be deposited by 3:30 pm. Loans approved after 4 pm should be deposited by 8:30 pm. All times PST.

Loan Express V.s. Traditional Payday Lenders

Loan Express
No hidden fees
High approval rate
E-Transfer within 5 mins
Loans 24 hours a day
Fully automated
Responsive call center staff
Trained staff to assist you

Saskatchewan Overview

Saskatchewan is known for its high standard of living, with CanadaVisa noting it is one of the most attractive Canadian provinces for immigrants. The average salary is over $80,000 annually, and homes rank among the lowest in Canada. It's also famous for being the birthplace of Medicare, as it's the home of Tommy Douglas, the former Premiere of Saskatchewan who's renowned for being the father of Medicare in Canada.

Events & Lifestyle in The Saskatchewan

Known as the sunniest province in Canada, Saskatchewan is home to 100,000 lakes, in addition to its modern, primarily urban, cities, all of which come with a rich heritage that can be appreciated by the great museums, art galleries, symphony orchestras, dance troupes and more.

Best Things About Living in Saskatchewan

  • Low unemployment
  • High standard of living
  • Comparatively affordable housing
  • Excellent weather year-round
  • Multicultural and diverse


How Do I Qualify for a Payday Loan in Saskatchewan

To get a payday loan from Loan Express in the Saskatchewan, you must:

  • Be over 18 years old and a Canadian citizen.
  • Have a bank account that's been active and in use for 30 days and receive Child Tax Benefit, CPP, Pension, Disability or Payroll that is on Direct Deposit.

How to Get a Loan with No Credit Check in Saskatchewan?

Loan Express does not conduct credit checks when approving loans; It's not part of the criteria we use to assess the ability to repay a loan.

How to Get a Child Tax Loan in Saskatchewan?

If you received Child Tax Care credits, those are considered income, and you can qualify for a payday loan of up to $1500 with Loan Express.

Can I Get a Loan Even If I Have Bad Credit in Saskatchewan?

If you have bad credit, don't despair. We know that a poor credit score doesn't paint the whole financial picture, so if you have bad credit, you can still get a loan of up to $1500 with Loan Express.

Can You Borrow Money Online Instantly in Saskatchewan?

You can borrow money online via Loan Express 24/7, no matter where you live in Saskatchewan!

How Fast Can I Receive My Money?

If you fill out an online application, you can get your money in minutes, but it may take longer if you need a bank transfer. However, you can still get same-day service in most cases.

How Much Is the Maximum That I Can Loan in Saskatchewan?

You can get up to $1500 in an emergency payday loan from Loan Express.

Where Can I Get a Same Day Payday Loan in Saskatchewan?

Loan Express is your solution for a quick payday loan! Loans applied for before 11 am will be deposited by 3:30 pm. Loans applied for after 4 pm should be deposited by 8:30 pm. All times PST