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6 Tips for How to Save Money on Gas Bill

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Why Are Gas Prices Rising?

In recent years, the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, the unpredictability of the stock market, and inflation have caused a lot of things to become expensive – housing prices, groceries, and most notably, gas. Loan Express is here to help you save money when filling up your tank, along with offering fast payday loans to assist you in topping up your gas in between paychecks. 

6 Tips for Canadians to Save Money on Gas

If you’re someone who drives a lot – maybe for work, maybe to visit family, or maybe you love road trips – saving money on gas is integral to keeping your finances in check so you don’t have to worry about whether you can pay off debt, pay bills, or buy gifts for loved ones. 

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to save at the pump – here are some tips and tricks you can follow to prepare for the next time you have to fill up. 

Use Technology to Stay Informed About Gas Prices

There are many gas tracking apps available and they can be a great trick to save Canadian drivers money. Keep on top of your monthly budget with the convenience of these apps being compatible with your car’s computer systems so you can manage everything hands-free.

Some of our favorite apps include Waze, Gas Buddy, and CAA. 

Best Apps to Save Money on Gas

Gas Buddy is an app that tracks gas prices, allowing you to find the cheapest options in your area. You can also join their loyalty program to receive rewards towards gift cards – save money on gas and the next time you go shopping! 

Geo Routes App – Waze 

Waze is an elevated version of your average GPS or navigation app – it tells you new routes where you can avoid traffic (and therefore avoid leaving your car running unnecessarily and burning fuel), how far your car can go with the gas you currently have in it, and how many gas stations are available along your route. Waze can also track how much you’re spending on gas each month and how to plan your budget – the upsides are endless. 

Become an Affiliate Member with CAA

When you join CAA (the Canadian Automobile Association), you enjoy a number of perks, such as road assistance during emergencies, discounts in retail stores, and budgeting help for saving on gas. With the CAA app, you can compare prices at local gas stations and also look at a map of CAA-approved gas stations. Plan your next trip with the CAA trip planner and save money by understanding the options that lay ahead. 

Driving Smart is Essential

Not only can driving smart help you save on gas, but it can also decrease your insurance costs. Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re being safe on the roads and saving on gas while doing it:

  • Accelerate slowly. Make sure your card isn’t working harder to accelerate quickly by slowly working your way up to the speed you need to be at. 
  • Avoid aggressive driving. Not only are you putting yourself and others in danger when you drive aggressively, but you’re using more gas due to likely speeding, cutting people off, and not caring about damage done to your car.
  • Follow the speed limit. Not only is it safer, but you can save on gas when you follow the speed limit as it costs you more fuel to increase your speed rather than maintain it.
  • Avoid sudden braking. When you brake quickly, it takes energy and fuel from your car to get rolling again – drive safely, aware, and anticipate stops when you can.
  • Don’t idle. If possible, turn your car off when you’re not driving. Avoid having your car on during your lunch break and wasting gas just so you can listen to the radio, and stay away from routes that involve heavy traffic so you aren’t sitting on the highway idling for large amounts of time.
  • Utilize cruise control. Driving at a consistent speed inherently conserves gas and makes sure you maintain the speed limit, especially on the highway. 

Stop Using Premium Gas

Gas chemistry has changed drastically in the past few years, and most cars nowadays can run on regular or mid grade gasoline. Luxury and high-performance engines will, of course, still require premium gas, but for your average car, you will be just fine using regular gas. Know the difference between your car “requiring” premium gas versus premium being a “recommendation”. 

Consider Switching to an Electric Car

Opting for a fuel-efficient or fuel-free vehicle can reduce your gas expenses by hundreds of dollars. Checking fuel efficiency in a car is additionally important, so make sure you know how much it costs per kilometer to run (the lower the number, the better). Below are some options for efficient cars that will save you money. 


Hybrid cars use both gasoline and electric power, literally cutting your gas bill in half. Although buying a hybrid can be more expensive initially, the money you save over time for gas expenses and oil changes makes it a worthwhile investment.


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, especially with Tesla being such a sought-after brand, and you save money over time by paying nothing for fuel. Although electric cars can be expensive initially, they are a huge help for both your wallet and the environment. 


Compact cars save more on gas overtime as they use much less fuel than larger vehicles – they’re also easy to park and great for navigating through tight spaces!

Avoid Unnecessary Driving & Use Public Transportation

Of course driving less can save you money on gas, but public transportation is becoming more and more available every day – and it’s a great way to get home safely if you’re too tired to drive or have been out with friends and enjoyed a couple of drinks. Walking home or taking public transportation (or even carpooling to work!) are all great ways to save money and the planet. 

Fill your Tank when Gas Prices are Lower

Following gas price trends is integral to knowing when the numbers will dip or rise. Filling up earlier in the week when fuel is often cheaper can save you a lot of money overtime. Gas prices tend to rise as the weekend approaches, so try to fill up before Thursday! Gasoline is also cheaper early in the morning or late at night as it’s more dense when it’s colder, so you get more bang for your buck. 

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