Payday Loan Questions?

Hassle-free and secure loans for up to $1,500.
How fast do I receive my money?

Within one minute of signing your contract, the money will be in your bank account or your email.  

*Note There is the odd smaller credit union or institution that does not have the technology to do instant transfers, but we will still get the money to you the fastest way that your bank allows, which is usually a couple of hours.  See below for the times.

Loans Approved Before 11 AM Will Be Deposited That Day By 3:30 PM.

Loans Approved Between 11 AM And 3:45 PM Will Be Deposited That Day By 8 PM.

Loan Approved After 3:45 PM Or On Weekends And Holidays Will Be Deposited By 3:30 PM The Next Business Day.

* Note: All Times Are In Pacific Standard Time (PST).

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